Invitation by the Bundespräsident to celebrate 25th jubilee of Jugend jazzt

Attending the celebration of 25 years of the competition Jugend jazzt at the Schloss Bellevue with Bundespräsident Steinmeier, Nils Landgren, Julia Hülsmann, Till Brönner, Eva Klesse and many more has been a big pleasure for me. I represented the Jazzkollektiv PENG, but also met some of my colleagues from the German Jazzunion there.<br />The concert was a great opportunity for young jazzmusicians to show their big talent to the jazz scene. I enjoyed it very much, but was quite shocked that there was only one girl amongst them. Hopefully there’ll be a change to more visibility of female jazz musicians in the future!</p>

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Very first review comes from the USA!

Chris Spector a well-known US-Blogger writes for Midwest Record:

“So when is an art chick not an art chick? Back In the 70s, professors in writer’s programs kept reminding their charges they couldn’t write if they didn’t read. This jazz thrush writes her own but she isn’t afraid to mix Van Morrison, Abbey Lincoln, Bill Evans and others next to her own tunes fearlessly letting them stand up to some serious competition. Then there’s the singing aspect. Scat on “Moondance”? This gal isn’t afraid to color outside the lines while retaining a sense of making it work. A singing jazz baby for a nu generation, she manages to keep a foot in the old and new generations without losing her balance. Hot stuff.”

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Nice article about the new album in the German magazine “Jazz thing”

“Eine natürliche Stimme mit tiefem Gespür für kraftvollen Scat, bluesige Phrasierungen    und gehauchte Balladen, ein Talent für elegante Klangmalereien: Johanna Schneider hat das alles und eine Band, deren Mitglieder zu den Besten des deutschen Jazz zählen. Und dann setzt die junge Frau mit Ack van Rooyen sowie Tony Lakatos als Gästen noch eins drauf. Was für ein Debüt einer Sängerin, deren Wohnzimmer seit der Kindheit die Jazzclubs sind…”

Den ganzen Artikel von Uli Lemke gibt es hier:


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Release-tour starts on May, 17th!

What is a great band without an album and what is a great album without a release-tour.
You know already that you can preorder the CD here, but way better it is to check-out our tour dates and get it directly from us after having a great evening of live music experience.
I will tell you the secret stories behind my songs and we will play different solos for you every single night.

That´s for sure! Hope to see you at some of our shows!

Yours in the music,
Jo Schneider

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Album Release – PRIDETIME

Welcome on my website! I´m glad you found your way here so I invite you to stay a while and check out my brand new album “Pridetime”. It is going to be released by double moon records as a part of “jazz thing – next generation” on May, 22nd. This is my very first album and I feel blessed that such great musicians as Ack van Rooyen & Tony Lakatos joined my band in the studio to record some of  my original tunes and standard arrangements I´ve written. The “Johanna Schneider Quartet” consisting of Tizian Jost, Andreas Kurz, Bastian Jütte & myself exists since 2008 so I am more than happy to finally present this album to you! You can have a listen and preorder it already! Hope you´ll enjoy!

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